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One livery space newly available!

18-04-2013 09:59:59 by Admin


Are you looking for a really lovely place to keep your horse?


Two spaces have become available for Full livery available at Downgate Farm, near Heathfield, East Sussex.


We can tailor your Livery to suit your needs. We can get your horse fit for you and school him so that all you have to do is get on and compete, or work on your own horse yourself. Benefit from experienced grooms, riders and on-site level 3 UKCC coach and BE Accredited trainer Cindy Llewellyn. Brilliant facilities - 60m x 25m outdoor school, surfaced lunge pen, covered walker, surfaced trot/canter track and brilliant hacking.


We can also provide rehabilitation Livery with fully trained physiotherapists at hand, but also state-of-the-art magnetic rugs, boots, Zamar Ice machine for legs, Water wellies, heat lamps, Tens machine and muscle stim.


Please call or email Cindy for more information - 01435 830218 / 07860 289233 or email