Coaching, Courses & Clinics


Cindy got her BHS qualifications and has trained riders since she left school, she is a UKCC Level 3 and British Eventing Accredited Coach. Cindy was a selector for the British Young Rider Team for many years, and now has been the Chairman of Selectors for the New Zealand Team since 2014. Cindy is looking forward to helping get a strong team on their way to the Tokyo Olympics, which due to the Corona Viurs will now be held in 2021.

Cindy also focuses on coaching riders to achieve their ambitions through correct foundations, developing a confident and harmonious partnership between horse and rider.


Cindy is so fortunate, having ridden at a high level in pure Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing that she really enjoys teaching riders in all disciplines and then linking the whole picture together. She has trained many riders who have started at pony Club and then taken them on a journey from Pony Club level right through to 4*and 5*, training and supporting them all the way in all areas.


Many Clients have remained great friends over the years and Cindy is now teaching their children!


She has and continues to teach riders from Pony Club level through to FEI Pony Trials, Juniors and Young riders and on to Senior level.


Cindy also teaches very inexperienced riders and riders of any age from 4 years old to 75 years old, with no ambition or lots of ambition, just all with a common passion for the love of horses and enjoyment of riding from feel and knowledge.


Cindy’s aim is to open doors for riders and to show them what they can achieve with a bit of hard work and dedication.


Cindy also loves helping people with the whole picture, from their care and stable management and the horses own symmetry and muscle development to planning their horses and their own fitness, practicing Dressage Tests and Show Jumping courses, walking distances, rhythm for the XC and then planning the competitions for the season ahead.


Cindy teaches mainly from home in East Sussex, but does travel out to do Clinics. Cindy offers private and group lessons, and also specialist tailor made Individual and small Group Training days to cover all aspects of Eventing.


Cindy also trains Pony Club riders, up to and including 'A' test riding and stable management.


Stay overs for 2 day courses can be arranged. to cover every aspect of Eventing, including horse & rider fitness, stable management, care and all riding training, on the flat and over fences.


Facilities include 25 x 60m school with Dressage Boards, show jumps and XC type fences at her East Sussex base near Heathfield or at a variety of venues throughout the country and abroad.


Cindy occasionally takes clinics for the Rother Valley Riding Club.


Cindy is happy to take more clinics and private lessons.


Phone on 07860 289233