Cindy has been teaching me for the last few years and I have had so much fun and success with her. With her quiet, positive approach and encouraging attitude she has given me so much confidence - she has taken me to the Badminton Grassroots and BE100 and there are many more goals to come!

I would highly recommend her as a coach - a brilliant teacher and always quietly pushing you to be your very best.
Henrietta Meddings
Henrietta Meddings succesfully completing the Badminton Grass roots championships at Badminton on Martin.
I've been working with Cindy for about a year now after being introduced to her through one of my clients. I instantly saw the value of her approach in how she goes about teaching horse and rider and only wish I had found her sooner. Cindy is very good at instantly instilling confidence in my ability to train myself and my horses. She also continues to be a very active sounding board on all aspects of my business providing invaluable advice.

I have an ever growing string of young horses and having access to the wealth of knowledge
Cindy has, is vital for me at this point of my career. I'm extremely grateful to Cindy thus far and am looking forward to continuing working with her in the future. I take great comfort in trusting Cindy as my coach, especially knowing the success she had in the sport herself and helping others through all the levels.
Jasmine Wilks
I am very thankful and totally amazed at the progress made since my horse and I started training with Cindy. Cindy is an inspirational coach who truly understands, and can successfully communicate, how to get the best from your horse and yourself. She promotes the development of a relaxed and engaged horse and I have seen my own boy change dramatically. Under Cindy's guidance his physique has transformed and we are now doing movements that I never thought we would be able to do. Cindy's experienced eye doesn't miss a thing about what my horse or I are doing (or not doing!) This means that every aspect of our partnership is addressed, and we are given exercises to work on between lessons and tips to make things easier for us. Cindy strives to make us the best we can be, regardless of our aspirations, she has given me greater confidence in my own ability and has proved that my horse is far more capable than I realised.
I look forward to my lessons and always leave Cindy's on a high, having learned something new every time and improved that little bit more.
Mathew Perry
I first met Cindy over 10 years ago through my local riding club, at a time when my 3 sons were growing up and I wanted to return to competitive riding. Since then, with her help, I have learned so much and we have achieved more than I ever thought possible. Cindy's patience and enthusiasm have been boundless and she has helped me and my horse enormously. Our lessons are always fun and I come away feeling positive, with a clear idea of what I need to work on at home. I only wish I'd had a trainer like Cindy when I was 30 years younger!
Elizabeth Ross
"Mum has been the absolute core of my entire career and everything I know and love about horses. Mum was competing when I was small so I was around the horses from a very young age, she probably got me on a horse before I could even walk and since that day has taught me everything I know.

Not only is mum a fantastic trainer but she has also been an invaluable coach and mentor to me over the years and still is now. Without mum's, help and dedication I would not even nearly be where I am now."
Emily Llewellyn
“Cindy taught me a lot in my formative years and she has a great way of breaking things down and making them easier to understand. Her extensive knowledge and great empathy of both horse and rider teaches you how to get the best from your horse and helps you achieve results in a soft and quiet way.

You learn that making mistakes is all part of the education process and that you can fix a problem with patience and perseverance rather than getting cross or upset! Her attention to detail has rubbed off on me and she has helped form me as a rider and a trainer.”
Gemma Tattersall
"Cindy started helping Will at the beginning of 2013 and in that relatively short period she has steered Will to Individual Junior European Bronze and U21 National Champion on two different horses. Although the results speak for themselves, Cindy's role has been far more intrinsic. She is of course a perfectionist but with her calm positive attitude and her attention to detail, no stone is left unturned ensuring that horse and rider are best prepared.

On a personal note Cindy has been a tremendous support for me too.. As a mum she has guided me through the 'up's and down's', always there to offer encouragement and words of wisdom....not forgetting a hand to squeeze! As Will embarks on this exciting career, I feel we are in the best possible hands."
Will Furlong
"I first met Cindy approx 25 years ago, when I was just a young pony mad girl on a naughty 13.2hh welsh part bred pony. Cindy's enthusiasm for her eventing her horses and professionalism to her clients meant that i was hooked on the sport and a dedicated pupil of Cindy's from then on. It was not long before i spent many of my school holidays helping at Cindy's yard Millers, and the experience I gained there has stayed with me forever. When Cindy retired her top horse Louis Revere from competition at the age of 16, a year older than i was at the time, I was lucky enough to have the ride on him for the next four years. He was the biggest character of a horse and he gave me some amazing memories, including riding at the pony club National champs and my first taste of affiliated Eventing and Dressage. That was it, I was hooked!

I still train to this day with Cindy, I find her attention to detail second to none, with her huge depth of experience and knowledge to draw from, Cindy always has ideas, suggestions, be it an exercise or a change of bit or piece of equipment. Cindy is ambitious for her pupils without ever being pushy, she has a knack of getting you to try that bit harder to dig that bit deeper, to open your mind and see the big picture. Never making anyone feel they can't achieve their goals. Cindy is a fantastic role model for our sport, and I personally can't thank her enough for her kind words and dedication to her pupils."
Kate Ludden

Horse and Hound Article On Cindy Llewellyn

Woverlino’s showjumping used be ‘rather wild’, but trainer Cindy Llewellyn has helped turn Victoria Edwards’ mare into a BE90 winner.

When a horse rushes its fences in the showjumping phase the experience can be unnerving and gives the rider little time to think about strategy between the jumps.

Victoria Edwards, a University of Sussex business management student, once described her 10-year-old mare Woverlino’s showjumping  as “rather wild”. However the work she has being doing with trainer Cindy Llewellyn has obviously made a difference as the pair topped BE90 section H at Brightling Park, 13-14 July (full report in Horse & Hound on sale 25 July). We asked Cindy to share with us her ideas on slowing down a horse that rushes its fences.

How have you helped Woverlino to slow down into his fences?

What I’ve done with Victoria is taken the time to improve her flatwork, to slow it down and establish a rhythm in all paces, using poles on the ground and very small fences initially. Once that was achieved, we then rode the horse forward again, but in a more organised and prepared way. This gives the rider more time so she can think about schooling the horse on the flat in between each fence, focus on each fence individually and then link them together as a course. I worked on getting Victoria to land after the fence, sit up and become organised more quickly, balancing, changing legs if necessary and so on. This gives her time to think about preparing for the next jump, riding her corners and turns properly and preparing a line to the next fence.

What’s your USP
I like to get riders to believe in themselves and their horses and to develop their confidence and their skills and create lots of tools that they can use in their toolbox. Whatever ends up being thrown at them, they can go back to the basic skills they develop with me.

What’s your pet hate
People getting cross with their horses through frustration.

Share with us your signature exercise
I concentrate on flatwork and the rider’s position. Sitting straight, being level and in a correct position is important to me. If a rider is crooked or collapsed their horse tends to mirror image that and will fall in around the corners and arrive at the fences sooner than they are meant to. I always check a rider’s position first. I use the mirrors in my school to show them their position, and sometimes I take a photograph on my phone to show them if they are sitting crooked. The “legs away” exercise, if done correctly, is useful to get the rider straight and looser through the hips and thigh, just in halt to start with, although once the rider is more able and established you can do legs away in walk, trot and canter.


If we were to ask your pupils, what would be the one thing they all say you continually shout?
I try never to shout. I aim to keep my lessons very calm and tailor each session individually. I really like to encourage my students — I coach everyone from beginners to four-star riders. At competitions, I try to keep them in a good relaxed position and knowing that they now have the skills and knowledge in place, tell them to go out there and enjoy it!